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Heyoo! Rabidness is here!

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1 Heyoo! Rabidness is here! on Thu Apr 03, 2014 3:41 pm


Hi, I am new. My name is Kristen, but you can call me Rabid or Rabidness. Or, well, Kristen. I don't really care either way, so long as you don't call me Derpy McPieface, or anything derogatory.

I am 13 (14 on April 11th, 2014), and a cosplayer. My newest cosplay I am going to wear at a con is a Kenny(South Park) costume. It was hard to find all the things at a thrift shop, but I am satisfied. The first costume I wore to a con was a Fem!France (Hetalia) costume, and this is my second time going to a convention. I have a Jeff The Killer(Creepypasta) cosplay and a Fem!Nicolae(Gaia Online) one as well.

So, on to my experience of roleplaying. I have been roleplaying for almost a year, and my favorite roleplays are usually academy, fanfic, and/or supernatural genre.

Some of my favorite fandoms are Hetalia, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Creepypasta, some Marvel(Deadpool,  X-Men and Avengers), some old Devil May Cry games(I haven't completed any yet...), Team Fortress 2(I haven't actually played due to it being multiplayer but it looks fun), Call of Duty(Well, I played the Modern Warfare series and have gotten past all of the MW games, but I don't play any multiplayer), and Borderlands.

I have Asperger's Syndrome, so sometimes I may not understand a post. Just PM me if that's the case.

Hope to become roleplaying buddies with you guys and girls!

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